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Storage shortage a concern for county
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Storage has become an issue at Warren County Administrative Offices and Warren County Courthouse.
“We’ve got a problem. This county has got a problem with storage. We are doing the best we can do. We got it taken care of for a while, but it won’t be taken care of forever,” said Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin during a meeting of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee.
Also on the committee are Commissioners Carolyn Miller, David Rhea, Kenny Roberts, and Michael Shane Wilcher.
“The administrative building is out of storage as far as records that have to be kept, like financial records for the superintendent of schools, road department and everything,” said Bouldin. “These are records that have to stay in this building and be kept under lock and key.”
Bouldin says he started looking through the building to find space that could be utilized and he found one room.
“It’s office space the agricultural people have,” he said. “Hilda Lytle has got it. It’s only being used part of one day a month. There is a desk in there and it’s full of stuff that needs to be cleaned out, thrown away or whatever they want to do with it. We asked if it can be cleaned out because we need to use it for storage. They said they would.”
The office is large enough to rectify the storage problem for at least a year, Bouldin estimates.
“That office isn’t as big as this room here (Dogwood Room) but it’s pretty good size,” said Bouldin. “It will do us to store records in for a year, two years or three years. Somewhere in that neighborhood.”
Other spaces in the building will have to be looked at after that area is full, said Bouldin.
“We don’t have a choice. These records have to be stored in this building. Finance director Linda Hillis and her staff have to access them every once in a while. After that office is full, we will have to do something else for the records that have to be kept.”
Two years ago, the county requested access to two unused offices being rented by Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency. The agency’s rent was adjusted. Those offices are now used to store records from the courthouse, which also out of storage space, said Bouldin.