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Stop sign approved
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McMinnville officials passed on first read an ordinance that will place a four-way stop at the intersection of Rivermont Drive and Boyd Avenue in Westwood.
Voting in favor of the measure was Vice Mayor Everett Brock and Aldermen Jimmy Haley, Billy Wood, Rick Barnes and Junior Medley. Mayor Norman Rone and Alderman Clair Cochran were absent.
The recommendation to make the change came from Safety Committee members Alderman Rick Barnes and Everett Brock, who agreed one was needed after receiving information from McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton about a traffic study his department did in the area.
“I love stop signs in residential areas and you can quote me,” Barnes said last month. “We don’t have enough of them.”
The study showed a total of 771 vehicles were observed during a 42-hour period. Of those vehicles, 655 were traveling within the posted speed limit of 30 mph. However, 116 vehicle were in excess of the speed limit, with one vehicle traveling 51 mph.
By departmental records, there have been two vehicle crashes reported in the last 28 months on those streets. One crash involved a vehicle exiting a driveway and backing into a parked equipment trailer. The second, more recent crash, involved an off-road dirt bike traveling on Boyd Avenue that entered the intersection without stopping and hit a car traveling on Rivermont.
Denton recommended four-way stop signs be placed.
“While the data does not suggest a speed problem on Rivermont Drive, the incorporation of a four-way stop at the intersection with Boyd Avenue would serve as a traffic calming strategy for the residential street,” he said.
Board members passed the measure without discussion. Ordinances require two passing reads before the board. The next Regular Session is June 12.