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Steve Hillis recognized by sanitation workers
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Warren County Sanitation Department employees and Warren County Commissioners recently honored sanitation director Steve Hillis with a plaque in recognition of his outstanding leadership.
The honor was bestowed on Hillis at a full Warren County Commission meeting.
County Executive John Pelham introduced Hillis and praised his commitment and service to his job. Hillis was joined by several of his workers who wanted to show their gratitude.
Pelham said, “There are two unique facts involved with this recognition. First, most of the time we recognize someone, it is because they are leaving. Steve is not going anywhere. He is our existing director and will continue to be our director. We hope to be working with him for years to come.”
“Secondly, his employees initiated this recognition. His employees, and we as well, want to recognize the great job he is doing. We are very proud of him and the job he does. He is conservative and saves the taxpayers money. He is also fair with his employees. This is reflected in the fact his employees asked for this recognition. Steve Hillis is a great asset to our community. We have a lot of great department heads, but he is really doing a wonderful job. We just want to echo the appreciation his employees have for the job he is doing.”
Employee George Argo, who has been with the department since 1984 and currently drives a truck, had the honor of presenting Hillis with the plaque. Argo said of Hillis, “He does a good job. We think a lot of him.”
Hillis has worked for the sanitation department for over 31 years. He was appointed supervisor in December of 1997. Asked why he has stayed on the job so long, Hillis replied, “I love it. We have a good bunch of people here.”