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Stats show speeding a problem on newly paved N. Chancery
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Numbers are in when it comes to speeders on N. Chancery Street and one motorist almost doubled the posted speed limit last week.
“We do have a high number of folks who are going through there at what is generally acceptable,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. “Then there are those who are exceeding what is acceptable.”
The department’s speed trailer was placed beside Cleaners Express last Wednesday and Friday. It monitored traffic going southbound, which is traveling away from Walmart. The posted speed limit is 30 mph.
On Wednesday, 967 vehicles passed traveling south from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., or 138 an hour. Of those, 694 were above the posted speed limit. The highest speed registered was 59 mph, with the average speed being 33 mph.
Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Friday, there were 1,015 vehicles which passed going south, or 145 an hour. Of those, 417 were above the speed limit. The highest speed registered was 52 mph, with an average speed of 33 mph.
“It tells me we need to do more in the area to catch the motorists who are exceeding what is generally acceptable,” said Denton. “We will step up patrols in that area.”
While the posted speed is 30 mph and anything over the number can result in a ticket, “generally acceptable” for these tests is anything within nine miles over the speed limit, says Denton.
On both days, 85 percent of those passing were generally acceptable. However, 67 motorists hit speeds between 41-59 mph on Wednesday, and 96 motorists were traveling between 41-52 mph on Friday.
Increased patrols have already begun.