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State to install barriers at problem intersection
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McMinnville officials have given the OK for placement of reboundable delineators at the intersection where Highway 70 and Morford Street traffic merge onto Main Street.
“I’ve been in contact with the state and they took a look at the area,” said Public Works director Bill Brock. “They are recommending to re-line the street and place delineators.”
Delineators are traffic safety products that can be temporarily placed in areas of construction or permanently mounted to deter motorists. They can also be reboundable or not.
In the case of Main Street, the devices will be placed at the area where Morrison Street traffic and Highway 70/ Morford Street traffic merge onto Main Street in front of Tire Mart in an effort to keep motorists in their respective lanes.
Brock predicts a tragic end for the devices.
“I’m sure they will be torn down as soon as they go up,” Brock said. “They bend when you hit them, but you will know it when you hit one.”
Officials have been discussing ways to prevent a vehicle collision in that area for years between motorists coming both directions trying to immediately merge into the other lane. Being a state route, the state must make the decision and effectuate any changes.
“I just need to know the wishes of the board so I can relay to them what we want to do,” said Brock.
Looking for guidance, officials questioned McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton about the number of vehicle accidents in the area.
“I can’t give you an exact number right off the top of my head,” said Denton. “There are accidents in that area. It’s not a great number by any stretch of the imagination, but I can remember working a few over the years.”
No actual vote was taken on the measure, but officials gave a verbal acceptance to the state’s desire to place mounted reboundable delineators.