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Stanford withdraws from race for district attorney
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Attorney Chris Stanford has withdrawn his bid for the office of district attorney, leaving a two-person race for the job.
“In looking at everything, if anybody is going to have a chance to win besides our current district attorney, it really needs to be a two-man race,” said Stanford. “I decided to do what I thought was best for Warren County and Van Buren County and pull out of the race so that would have a chance to take place.”
Stanford’s withdrawal from the race means incumbent Lisa Zavogiannis will have McMinnville city attorney Tim Pirtle as her only opposition. She is running unopposed in the Democratic Primary, while Pirtle is running as an independent.
Stanford says he made the decision to run as an independent to unseat Zavogiannis out of discontent.
“I think, mostly, our DA’s office tries to do the right thing,” he said. “However, I have seen some things that I don’t necessarily agree with as an attorney. I decided to run for office because I thought I would be able to more effectively assist law enforcement in doing their job, which is to protect the public and make sure that serious offenders are taken off the streets and placed behind bars.”
The deadline to withdraw from any race and not be placed on the ballot was noon on Thursday. According to the Warren County Election Commission, Stanford and attorney Robert Newman were the only people to qualify and withdraw from any local race.