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Standard invites candidates to political forum
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With city, state and federal races up for grabs in November, the Southern Standard and WCPI want to help voters make informed decisions at the polls.
That’s why the two organizations are joining together to hold a political forum on Monday, Oct. 13, at Warren County Administrative Offices. Start time is 6:30 p.m.
The Standard and WCPI are announcing the date well in advance in hopes candidates will be able to clear their calendars for this important event.
The forum will be for the eight candidates running for McMinnville city alderman, the two candidates running for 43rd District Tennessee House, and the two candidates running for 4th District Congress.
“We realize candidates always want to get out and meet the voters, but this can be difficult” said Standard publisher Patricia Zechman. “It’s hard enough getting your message out when you’re just concentrating on voters in the city of McMinnville. It’s even harder when you have a three-county district for Tennessee House, and 12-county district for Congress.”
Zechman said the forum is a great way for candidates to reach a large number of people and convey their stances on key issues facing our community and our state.
The eight candidates for McMinnville alderman invited to attend are Steve Harvey, David H. Hill, John Douglass, Billy Tanner, Ryle Chastain, Ben Foust, Linda Holland, and Everett Brock.
The two candidates for Tennessee House invited to participate are Kevin Dunlap and Robert Dunham.
The two candidates for 4th District Congress invited are incumbent Scott DesJarlais and challenger Lenda Sherrill.
Candidates will be given a chance to make a three-minute introductory speech before fielding general-interest questions from MTSU professor Dr. John Vile and Standard editor James Clark.