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Spencer's Own rocks Eastside Elementary
A band out of Nashville called Spencers Own performed at Eastside Elementary School. The five-member, all-brother band offered an anti-bullying message. Pictured are Eastside student Bryant Campbell and band members Nate Williams and Nic Williams.

Spencer’s Own rocked Eastside Elementary School on Friday morning.
“The kids really enjoyed it,” said Shawn Palombo, Eastside School counselor. “Spencer’s Own is a singing group from Nashville. They brought an anti-bullying message. They played their country music. In between songs, they would talk to the students about how each person is beautiful. They spoke about loving yourself first. Then, you can love others.”
The five-member band consists of Nathan, Morgan, Jordon, Nic, and Quinn, who are the sons of Spencer Williams. The group offers a next-generation approach to harmony and multi-influence modern country sound.
According to the group’s website, the quintet began their musical journey growing up in a small farm town in Twin Falls, Idaho. Just like most small towns they were raised with the core values that family and friends are essential to life. They echoed these messages as a band of brothers playing anywhere from schools to festivals just for a chance to share their music.
Spencer’s Own moved from the spotlight of local stardom to Nashville to pursue the next chapter of their career. Performing original songs with messages of everyday life experiences, love, friendship, heartache, hope, and pain they quickly found their audience. The band of brothers released their first EP “Inside Out” in early 2015.
While at Eastside School, the group entertained the entire student body.
“We had daycare kids through eighth grade in the gym listening to them,” said Palombo. “They absolutely loved it. We had a hard time calming the kids down after they left. They kept talking about it.”
Funds for the performance were a combined effort by Yorozo, a Health Services grant, Eastside School, and the school’s PTO.