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Speeding near school bus stop prompts petition
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Speeding near a school bus stop on Bridge Street has county officials concerned for safety. Other stops may be under review.
According to Road Superintendent Levie Glenn during a Highway and Bridge Committee meeting, numerous residents in the area of Bridge Street (old Beersheba Road) are asking the county for assistance in slowing down speeding motorists.
“We have a lot of kids catch the bus over there,” said Glenn. “We have the city limits on each end of our street. Several residents called me wanting to know what they could do about the situation. They are concerned about a child getting run over.”
A petition, signed by 30 individuals who live in the area, was received and asks the county to place a speed limit sign designating the street as 35 mph because school-age children catch the bus at the end of Jess Roberts Lane.
Portion of the petition states: “It’s just a matter of time before there will be an accident, which could be avoided if we get a speed limit sign of 35 mph in place as soon as possible.”
While the street has no posted speed limit in the county’s portion, the areas on either end of the street are located within the city limits and they are marked as 30-mph zones. Glenn says he has already posted signs warning motorists the area is a school bus stop, but he needs permission to post a speed limit.
“I did check with the city administrator and their speed limit on each end is 30 mph,” said Glenn. “I would like to make the speed limit the same as the adjourning ends of our road. The petition asked for 35, but I would like to make it 30.”
Commissioner Gary Prater says there are several roads that need consideration, to which Glenn agreed.
“It’s 55 unless it’s posted,” said Glenn. “We are going to try to make an effort to improve safety by reducing the speed limits on some of the roads where there are a lot of kids and school bus stops involved. Safety is very important. I don’t want to micro-manage too much, but when I get a lot of calls from residents complaining, then it needs to be looked into.”
Prater, along with Commissioners Randy England, David Rhea, Blaine Wilcher, and Melissa Yancy, accepted the measure to post a speed limit sign in the area of Bridge Street to designate it as 30 mph. It will be presented to the full County Commission for its consideration in February.