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Smooth teacher negotiations expected
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The bones of contention should be few this year as members of the School Board and negotiators with the Warren County Education Association sit down to hammer out a contract.“There’s not much nitty gritty to speak of,” said WCEA negotiating representative Diane Bryant of the association’s requests in the upcoming teachers’ contract which included only three requests for modification.The negotiable items on the WCEA’s list include a 1.6 percent salary increase. The increase request, Bryant pointed out, mirrors the state’s 1.6 percent increase.The WCEA also wants a $400 increase in salary contributions for each insurance policy holder. They also want an increase in retirement pay for unused sick days from the current $40 to the current substitute pay of $54.“We would really like to get this resolved before Spring Break (March 26),” Bryant told the board at their recent meeting.School Board member Jeff Lee said the board should be able to take up the negotiations Feb. 15, way before Spring Break, scheduling an hour for the negotiations that day which will begin at 5 p.m.“I don’t think these negotiations will be as troublesome as they have been in the past,” Lee said in setting the negotiation meeting with the WCEA.