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Side curtains on the way for Park Theater
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It’s curtains for the Park Theater, literally. The purchase of side curtains for the stage has been approved.
The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee has approved the purchase of side curtains for $5,952. The item was removed from the project in an effort to keep the initial renovation cost below $2 million.
“We’ve talked about this before,” said Parks and Recreation Committee chairman Ben Newman. “During performances, people in the audience can see actors standing off stage waiting to come onto the stage. It’s not a good situation.”
Park Theater coordinator Sara Morgan says they have been making due with temporary side curtains that were installed by city employees to block the audiences’ view but safety is an issue.
“Right now, we just have temporary side curtains,” she said. “The main issue is safety. They are installed perpendicular to the main curtains but they should be parallel to make exists and entrances a lot safer. We knew the temporary curtains would be short term and now we are trying to get those replaced.”
Bids were received from three different companies with the lowest coming from Georgia Stage LLC for $5,952, installation included. Gymnasium Specialties submitted a bid for $7,795, while 4Wall Entertainment’s bid was for $11,138.
The price difference between the lowest bid and the highest one is approximately half.
“We were quite surprised with the low bid,” said Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord.
Morgan added, “I think the reason Georgia Stage could have their price be so low is because they are affiliated with the university. I think that helps keep their cost down.”
Newman and Alderman Steve Harvey approved the low bidder. Because the cost is under $10,000, the purchase does not require full board approval. Alderman Jimmy Bonner, also on the committee, was absent.