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Shoplifting turns into police chase
Hobbs takes swing at security officer in fleeing store
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Two brothers have been charged after one of them assaulted a Walmart employee as they fled the store with stolen merchandise.
The brothers, Darrell Felson Hobbs, 54, and Gregory Bradford Hobbs, 50, are charged with shoplifting and possession of drugs. Darrell Hobbs faces additional charges of evading arrest with a vehicle and driving on a revoked license, while Gregory Hobbs faces additional charges of shoplifting and possession of drug paraphernalia.
The men were arrested after they were seen stealing items from Walmart.
A loss prevention officer reported seeing the brothers opening packages containing flashlights in the sporting goods department and putting the merchandise in their pockets before putting the empty boxes back on the shelf.
The men were approached by loss prevention after they paid for some food at the checkout. It was at that point the Walmart employee said Gregory Hobbs tried to hit him before the men fled to their get-away vehicle.
The men then led police on a pursuit from Sunset Drive over to Post Road.
“He was traveling at a high rate of speed, running stop signs and driving on the wrong side of the road,” recalled McMinnville Police Sgt. Kenneth Seagraves. “The passenger threw a container out the window.”
The container held a green, leafy substance believed to be marijuana along with Alprazolam pills. A partially smoked marijuana joint was found in the vehicle along with six baggies of methamphetamine. It was learned Darrell Hobbs was driving on a revoked license taken from him after a DUI in 2012.