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Sherrill's second novel now available
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With his debut novel “Red Dog Saloon” a finalist for the coveted Silver Falchion Award for mystery writing, the Southern Standard’s own Duane Sherrill has released his second novel, this one about five average guys who conspire to rob their hometown.
The novel, “Average Joe,” is a short novel set in a small town. Much of his inspiration, he admits, comes from his hometown of McMinnville.
“I’ve had folks come up and tell me they recognized places I described in Red Dog,” Sherrill said. “The same is true in this book. It’s set in the small fictional hamlet of Centertown but local people will recognize some of the places I’m referring to.”
The book follows five normally law-biding citizens as they conspire to rob Centertown on Christmas Eve.
“They’ve become disenfranchised with their hometown and all have an ax to grind for one reason or another,” Sherrill said. “The plan starts as just idle talk around the poker table on Saturday night but over time it becomes something more serious. Eventually, they come up with what they think is a foolproof plan and decide they’re going all-in.”
With the help of the storm of the century in Centertown, the five hatch their plan even as most of the town’s citizens gather for the annual Christmas party. It looks like their plan might work until an unlikely hero stumbles into their path. He becomes the only thing standing between the five and the crime of the century.
“One person described it as ‘Die Hard’ in a small town,” Sherrill said. “One thing for sure, it’s all action from cover to cover. I’m the kind of writer who gets bored if there isn’t something always happening in my books. That translates into a novel that’s hard to put down. My motto is ‘all thriller and no filler.’”
“Average Joe” is available online on Kindle for $2.99 and through Amazon for $8.99 plus shipping. Signed copies can be obtained from the Southern Standard or from the author for $10. Sherrill, who writes under the pen name R.D. Sherrill, plans a few public books signings also while promoting the book.
“Average Joe” comes out ahead of the September release of his third novel, “Friday Night Frights,” a full-length mystery/ thriller which is presently under consideration for the Claymore Award for unpublished novels.
“The support for ‘Red Dog’ was overwhelming,” Duane said. “I appreciate the way the people of Warren County have gotten behind me in my new endeavor.”