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Shaw gets 150 days for violating sex offender rules
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A local man will serve 150 days in jail after he failed to abide by the rules of being a convicted sex offender.
The offender, Paul Andrew Shaw, 36, was sentenced by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 150 days of a two-year sentence for violation of the sexual offender law. He will also be fined $350 plus court costs and be placed on probation for the remainder of his term once his five months in jail have been served.
The sentence comes after it was discovered Shaw had failed to meet the requirements of the sexual offender registration law in three ways.
First, McMinnville police investigator Tony Jenkins said Shaw failed to report his address in a timely matter to city police when he moved into the city. Under sex offender law, the offender has 48 hours to alert the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over his new residence of his presence.
In addition to failing to report, lawmen said he also violated other terms of the sex offender registry. In one count, Shaw knowingly resided with two minor children, ages 7 and 10. Under most agreements governing the sexual offender law, having the same habitation with a juvenile is forbidden.
Along with the living arrangements, Jenkins said Shaw was also in violation because he was living within 1,000 feet of the property line of Play and Stay Daycare. Sexual offender law generally bans sex offenders from living near schools or daycares where they could come in contact with children.
Shaw was convicted, in 1997, on the charge of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree. The specific nature of his offense is not outlined on the TBI Sexual Offender registry where his status is now up to date. Shaw was allowed to plea to one count of violating the sexual offender law. The other two counts were dismissed as part of the plea bargain.