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Schulz charged with choking wife and son
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A man faces reckless endangerment and assault charges after he allegedly choked his wife and 12-year-old son during a drunken rage.
The suspect, John Wesley Schulz Jr., 28, will appear in the court Tuesday. The victim told police Schulz came home drunk and started an argument. The fight soon became physical.
“He went to grab her and engage in a physical fight,” said investigating officer Rachel Nichols of McMinnville Police Department. “She was stripped of her T-shirt, leaving her in her bra and shorts.”
It was at that point the victim’s 12-year-old son tried to run out of the home.
“He went to run out of the residence because he was scared of Mr. Schulz,” Nichols wrote in her report. “Mr. Schulz grabbed him by the collar of the shirt, ripping it.”
Schulz was then reportedly able to pin both mother and son down, with his hand around the front of their necks. Police noted marks on both the throat of the woman and boy, supporting their story. Police also noted their ripped clothing.
“The boy had red marking and a thumb print consistent with a hand around the front of his neck,” Nichols noted.
The two were able to rip away and run for help at nearby Spangler Towers. Police found Schulz to be drunk when they made contact. “He smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and was very unsteady on his feet,” Nichols reported.