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Schools show gains on state report card
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A look at the annual report cards for each school in Warren County shows Centertown is at the top of the class.
For the second year in a row, Centertown has straight A’s in academic achievement when it comes to the four categories of math, reading, science and social studies.
Centertown also scored three A’s and one B in the value-added category.
Director of Schools Bobby Cox said local report card scores show the school system is moving in the right direction.
“This is the first time, as a district, we’ve had all A’s and B’s on our report card,” said Cox. “Of course there are some individual schools which scored worse than that in some categories, but as a district I was very pleased.”
Hickory Creek also earned straight A’s in the four categories for academic achievement, but the school was given an F in the value-added science category.
The worst performing local school was West Elementary, which earned one B, three C’s, three D’s, and an F.