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Schools may start late on Wednesdays
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Students may get to sleep late on the first hump day of the month if the School Board goes with an idea floated at its recent meeting.
The plan, which seeks to provide teachers with time to meet and discuss the new common core curriculum, would mean schools would start two hours late on the first Wednesday of every month. The exception would be January when students would just be getting back from Christmas break.
“I think it’s good for our staff to get a chance to work together on the new curriculum,” said Warren County High School principal Anthony Cassel, who supported the idea put forward during the meeting.
In addition to allowing teachers to use the two hours without students present to discuss the new educational curriculum, the idea would also help get rid of some of the stockpiled bad weather days each year.
Presently there are 11 stockpiled days saved for bad weather and emergencies. However, in all but a few recent years, the stockpiled days have withered on the vine with only a handful used. The exception was two years ago when an unusually snowy winter forced the use of all the days.
The late Wednesday plan would eliminate two of the stockpiled days. However, according to Director of Schools Bobby Cox, should a winter like two years ago hit, the mid-week plan could be set aside to preserve the stockpiled days. Regardless, the plan would still include nine stockpiled days.
While School Board members seemed to like the idea, there will be several wrinkles that need to be ironed out before it is officially passed and put into next year’s school calendar.
Foremost is providing supervision time for students whose parents work at that time. Also of concern will be providing breakfast to students who eat breakfast at school. Cox believes they will be able to provide both while allowing teachers to train without having to supervise students.
The School Board is expected to revisit the idea during its next meeting and perhaps put it into the proposed 2013-14 calendar.