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School system shuffles budget numbers to appease county
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The school system reached an agreement Wednesday with county government on its 2011-12 budget, ending what had been a back-and-forth struggle to fund local schools.The agreement allows the county to meet maintenance of effort, which requires the county to fund schools at the same level as the year before. But the agreement puts more money into projections which may not be reached.“The sales tax hasn’t met projections for four years in a row,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale.When projections aren’t met, the school system must dip into its fund balance to make up the difference. There is a projected $2.8 million fund balance for 2011-12, but the school system must keep at least 3 percent of its total $44 million budget, about $1.3 million, in that fund balance per state law.Several funds go into meeting the county’s maintenance of effort for schools, which is currently $11.57 million.