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School Spotlight
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Student Spotlight: Anthony Underwood

Anthony Underwood

Six-year-old Anthony Underwood is a first-grader at Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary. His teacher is Tamra Newby.
Anthony’s favorite thing about school is getting to play outside. “I like playing outside almost as much as playing with Legos at my house,” he said.
His favorite subject is science. “I went to the Hands-On Science Center in Alabama and you got to touch toggle switches and things,” said Anthony.
Anthony also likes playing with his 2-year-old baby sister.

Randi Fuston

Randi Fuston has been teaching eighth grade English for 10 years at Warren County Middle School. She is a teacher in the Bears team.
Randi has a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Tech, a master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University and will receive her specialist in education degree from MTSU in May. “I might start my doctorate after that. I haven’t decided for sure,” she said.
Randi said she enjoys teaching English because, “I like the challenges of taking a subject nobody wants to do and making the students successful.”
The teams at WCMS are Randi’s favorite thing about her school. “You work with one group of students. They are exposed to over 900 other kids, but it’s like our team is a school within a school,” she said.
“Spending time with my nieces is my most favorite thing to do,” said Randi. She is aunt to 3-year-old Harper and 20-month-old Hollyn. “We are so excited. My sister-by-choice is expecting another baby in August. My brother chose her to be my sister. In-law sounds too distant when describing her.”
Randi also enjoys spending time with her long-term boyfriend, Aaron Rigsby.