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School locks, cameras to be first upgrades
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While things like armed officers in every school and bullet-resistant glass remain on the wish list, upgrades are on the way in areas school officials hope will make Warren County campuses safer.
Bids are being accepted for the installation of magnetic locks throughout the school system. The installation will be joined by security cameras.
“We want all this done by the coming school year,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox of the large-scale security upgrades.
The changes come on the heels of the Newtown, Conn., tragedy in which 26 students and school officials were shot to death by a deranged man late last year. That incident has led for a movement to put armed officers in each of the county’s schools. However, that idea remains on the drawing board as there are no immediate plans to put an SRO on each campus.
The installation of cameras and magnetic locks, the school board believes, is a good first step.
The new system will require visitors to be buzzed in when they arrive at one of the public entrances. Someone watching a camera inside would be in charge of allowing access. Faculty and staff will have swipe cards they can use to enter the buildings. Each time they use their cards, their movements will be logged in.
The changes, Cox said, will help better regulate those who enter buildings on any of the county’s campuses.