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School improvements continue on schedule
The band building at Bobby Ray Elementary School has been completely demolished. An update on the work at all three schools was given to county officials recently.

The three projects at Bobby Ray, Irving College and Warren County High schools are moving forward, says Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
He gave an update before members of the county’s Education Committee on Monday.
“If you go by Bobby Ray, the band building is completely down,” said Cox. “I think there is some steel still out front. They did a good job. They took their time but they still had a situation where some of the brick fell on the existing awning. There is a little bit of damage to that, that we will have to correct. As far as complications, they didn’t have any complications.”
An update written by Derrick Clemow of Upland Design Group and presented to committee members stated, “Building demolition was 80 percent complete,” “existing canopy had been damaged,” “noted that the existing floor thickness was about three and one-fourth (inside the gym),” “(Project manager) Larry Bouldin checked after all the rain and found no water backups,” and “noted that removing the gym bleachers seats on the uppers would require access from ceiling below.”
“Everything seems to be moving forward at Bobby Ray,” said Cox. “We haven’t had any issues at all, except for the awning. They were really concerned about the closeness of that building to the other building. All in all, I think they did a good job.”
While an awning was slightly damaged at Bobby Ray by falling brick, a discovery at Irving College raised an eyebrow.
“There is a lot of activity going on at Irving College,” said Cox. “The only hiccup on that is they uncovered the old septic tank. It was a manmade septic tank that was with one of the old buildings. They uncovered it. It’s been there the whole time. It’s amazing that someone didn’t drop off in it.”
The septic tank was not functional; however, it was also not filled and was located under the driveway to the school meaning vehicles, including trucks delivering items to the school, drove over it on a regular basis.
“I can’t believe where it’s at,” said Commissioner Scott Rubley. “It must have had a good lid on it.”
Clemow’s update stated, “site had been wet but they were beginning excavation of the retention area and where trailer sets,” “septic tank that was found earlier had not been filled,” “asbestos in the kitchen area had been removed,” and “additional asbestos was reportedly found in the building being demolished.”
The high school project is relatively uneventful, says Cox.
“The high school project seems to be going pretty well,” he said. “They’ve got the awning down, they’ve cut the pavement and are working on re-routing some of the plumbing and fire protection lines, so we have had the building cut off but not completely off. I think they switched everything over last week, so we should be good with that.”
Clemow’s update stated, “excavation from storm piping was underway,” “fire waterline was found to be where shown in older documents,” “excavation revealed a thrust block at the connection to the fire hydrant piping” and “owner had removed low voltage off the existing building.”
Sain Construction of Manchester was awarded the bid for both Bobby Ray School and WCHS, while Romach Construction of Franklin was awarded the project at Irving College School.