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School Board seeks honesty in elections
Chairman says some school elections rigged
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With the School Board chairman declaring some Warren County High School elections may have been rigged over the years, the Board of Education agreed to hold off on passing a system-wide directive that would have set up oversight panels for every school in Warren County from elementary to high school.“We are policing ourselves to death,” said School Board chairman Jeff Lee, who was against putting a system-wide policy into effect.The policy would have established a four-student, three-faculty member board at each school to oversee elections and ensure they were legitimate. Their oversight would have included everything from homecoming queen to student body president.“Well from what I hear, NHS was rigged,” said Lee, noting there should be some kind of action taken to provide a fair election. He was joined by Scott Holmes in being reluctant to dictate a policy that would affect every school since the problem has mainly been at the high school.