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School Board meeting moved
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A last-minute change in location for the monthly meeting of the Warren County School Board has members meeting in Warren County High School’s auditorium to accommodate what is expected to be a large crowd.


                The board meets on Thursday, April 23. Up first will be a Facilities and Resources Management meeting at 5 p.m. with School Board member convening immediately following.


                County Commissioner Randy England says the move irritates him.


                “I asked for the venue to be changed to Irving College,” he said. “Despite following all the proper procedures, my request was denied. Now, last minute, they change the meeting venue to the high school. If they were going to change their meeting place, why not meet at Irving College like I requested?”


                England says he can’t help but feel like the last minute timing was significant in making the decision to change locations.


                “I didn’t get the notice until just now,” said England at approximately 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday night. “How are we going to notify the public in such short notice? It’s too late for Wednesday’s edition of the paper. I can’t help but feel like this change in venue was done last minute on purpose. Maybe not, but that’s how it looks. I’m very disappointed in how this was handled.”


                England still plans to address School Board members during the 5 p.m. meeting as he requested time to address the board and was given “a brief amount of time” during the committee meeting by School Board chairman Linda Blair. His area of contention is the school’s decision to not purchase 10 acres of land for Irving College School, a decision he wants reconsidered.