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One-hour lunch not in danger
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You can’t trust anything you hear in the hallways of WCHS, whether it’s doubting someone’s uncle gave a ride to the bass player of Metallica, or debating if someone actually hitchhiked to Atlanta a few weekends ago. There’s always something. This year, everyone is talking about schedule change, but this time there’s merit to this hallway hearsay.
I spoke with someone who actually knew what they were talking about and she appeased the fears of every student. The two prevalent suppositions are the deletion of the one-hour-lunch, and the changing of the number of periods.
Many were worried that fewer classes meant they could not take classes they enjoy, and they would have to eliminate elective classes from their schedule. She told me each student will receive a period that will be used for tutoring, ACT or SAT prep, or online classes.
When I asked fearfully if the hour-long lunch was going to be eliminated, she laughed and told me not to worry. See, we hold the one-hour lunch close to our hearts. It’s our 60-minute sabbatical from a day full of classes.
Go to club meetings, get some peer tutoring, or go listen to someone playing guitar: it’s all up to you. Take a good friend of mine with five AP classes, for example. The one-hour lunch is the only time I actually see her breathing. It’s an excellent time period to use for whatever you see fit, the only part of the day where someone can cater to his/ her individual needs.
Although none of this is certain, I trust that every little thing is gonna be alright.
Rylan Lorance is a WCHS student who is writing a column for the Standard this school year.