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Rockcliff Church targeted by vandals
Vandals smashed through the front doors at Rockcliff Church of Christ.

More than a week after vandals broke into Rockcliff Church of Christ and inflicted thousands of dollars in damage, lawmen are still trying to figure out what caused someone to defile a house of worship.
“It was bad,” said Warren County sheriff’s investigator Travis Thaxton who is heading the investigation into the break-in and vandalism at the small church located near Viola.
Members of the church found the damage on the morning of Thursday, Nov. 26. They suspect the assault on the church happened sometime between 8:30 p.m. the night before and just before 10 a.m. the day it was found.
“There wasn’t anything but a monitor taken,” revealed Sheriff Jackie Matheny. “It appeared they were there to vandalize the church.”
The vandals got in by smashing the glass front door. Once inside they went about indiscriminately destroying property.
“Things like a clock and thermostat were smashed,” Matheny said.
The sheriff said the vandals went to the trouble of getting something long so they could destroy overhead projectors that were hanging from the ceiling.
Along with trashing the church, the vandals busted out the windows of the church van that sat out front and also did damage to a storage building.
Thaxton said investigators need the public’s help in bringing the vandals to justice. Anyone having information on the culprits is asked to call the sheriff’s department at 473-8032.