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Roadblock planned for Friday
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The Tennessee Highway Patrol will be conducting sobriety checkpoints this Friday on State Route 56 in Warren County.“Impaired driving is a serious crime that kills more than 16,000 people and injures 305,000 others every year in the United States,” said Highway Patrol Sgt. Billy Prater, leader of the local contingent of troopers who will be conducting the roadblocks.Under state law, such checkpoints must be published prior to being conducted, giving the day and area in which they will be held. In the case of Highway 56, the location could be anywhere from the southern part of Warren County near Irving College to the northern tip near Dibrell since Highway 56 runs north to south through the county. The exact time of the Friday roadblocks has not been revealed.Prater said officers will be looking for those who have had too much to drink before climbing behind the wheel.“Troopers will evaluate drivers for signs of alcohol or drug impairment,” Prater said.