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River Park opens new wellness center
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If you’re looking to get fit with the help of the healthcare professionals at River Park, the hospital has opened a new wellness center that’s open to the general public.
The wellness center got its start a little over three years ago for River Park patients focusing on rehab after suffering a heart attack or experiencing heart trouble. Since that time, the wellness center has seen over 350 patients and steadily grown its inventory of exercise equipment.
With a knowledgeable staff on hand and the cardio equipment available, it made sense to open the facility so more people could use it to improve their overall health.
“This is just one more way we are answering a need for our community right here at home,” said wellness center program director Craig Norris. “In addition to rehabilitation, the new wellness center allows gym access to patients, spouses, employees, and the entire community.”
Anyone interested in using the facility can do so for a monthly fee of $29.99 or a daily user fee of $4. Gym users get the benefit of River Park’s cardiopulmonary team that includes a registered respiratory therapist, a registered dietician, a cardiologist and pulmonologist.
Wellness center hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday. The gym can be reached at 815-4285. In addition to exercise, the wellness center offers monthly education sessions, and guest speakers on a variety of health topics.
The team of specialists can review your medical history, along with your dietary and lifestyle habits. After doing this, these health experts can determine the most appropriate approach to fit your needs.

The cardiopulmonary program includes:
• Highly supervised exercise training
• Medical evaluation
• Nutrition counseling
• Personalized education
• Psychological and pharmacological counseling
• Referrals to other medical areas as necessary
• Risk-factor assessment and risk reduction services
• Smoking cessation counseling

Specific program goals include:
• Increasing lifespan for people in cardiac rehabilitation
• Improving quality of life
• Reducing cardiac or pulmonary symptoms
• Providing education and counseling
• Providing guidance on return to work, when applicable.