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Returning to scene earns trip to jai
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Returning to the scene of the crime has landed a woman in jail after a return visit to Walmart led to her arrest.
The woman, Franny Ordonez, was bound to the grand jury Tuesday by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross on the charge of shoplifting and theft.
Her charges come for her theft of a pair of men’s jeans valued at $24. Store security reported seeing her take the jeans and go to the women’s undergarments section where she concealed the pants in her purse.
“She exited through the general merchandise side where a white four-door car was waiting on her,” security officials said in their warrant again Ordonez. “A security officer asked Ms. Ordonez to stop and she ignored all requests and proceeded to get into the car.”
Since there was no identification on the woman and she had gotten away by the time police arrived, a report on the crime was taken but no charges filed. However, just a week later Ordonez came back to Walmart and was recognized by security as the woman who had fled from the store one week earlier with the stolen merchandise. This time police were called while she was in the store and she was charged with the shoplifting.