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Residents embrace snow days
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Bill Wilenski didn't hesitate to grab a sled and barrel down a hill behind First Baptist Church on Wednesday morning.The 52-year-old was enjoying the snow with his kids as they were sledding and even trying a little snowboarding."It's fun but it sure is cold," said Bill Wilenski, who took off a wet pair of gloves and wiggled his fingers.At Super-Rama, the snow didn't keep customers away -- or delivery trucks. Purity driver Travis Johnson battled snow flurries when he made an ice cream delivery to the grocery store Wednesday morning around 8 a.m."At least I don't have to worry about this melting," said Johnson, who indicated he enjoys the challenge of making deliveries in bad weather.It was also business as usual at High Funeral Home where the cycle of life isn't disrupted by a little snow. Mickey Ralph was busy with a snow shovel Wednesday morning in front of the funeral home."We have a funeral later on today so I have to make sure this stays clear," said Ralph.But it wasn't all work around the county on Wednesday as there was plenty of sledding and outdoor activity with no school in session.