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Rep. Dunlap scores victory on test results
State Rep. Kevin Dunlap is pleased funding for his bill was included in Gov. Haslam's budget.

First-term state lawmaker Kevin Dunlap has scored a political victory.
Dunlap was co-sponsor of a bill last legislative session that pushed for standardized test questions and answers to be made public to teachers, students, and their parents. On Monday, funding for that measure was included in the state budget unveiled by Gov. Bill Haslam.
Haslam earmarked $832,000 in recurring expenditures so the Testing Transparency Act could be implemented. Dunlap was the Democratic sponsor in the House, while Ferrell Haile was the Republican sponsor in the Senate.
“Finally, our parents get to see their child’s test questions and answers to see what they got wrong and what they got right,” said Dunlap. “This was a practical solution to a problem that’s long plagued the state. What’s the point of giving a test if you can’t see what you got right and wrong? This gives everyone a chance to look under the hood.”
Up to this point, students have always known their scores on standardized tests, but they’ve never gotten any more information about the tests other than that.
Dunlap, a teacher, says he’s pleased to claim victory in a matter that's vital to the education process.