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Red Road sees paving
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Residents of Red Road might not be stirring up quite as much dust now that several large gravel areas in the road have been patched with asphalt.
McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee said his department is trying to complete Surface Transportation Program funding paperwork in order for Red Road, N. Spring Street, and Faulkner Springs Road to be paved in the future. STP funding comes from the state to pave streets that are considered minor arterial or higher streets.
In 2012, officials borrowed an initial $1 million and hired APAC-Harrison to begin paving 51 city streets. Officials voted to borrow up to $2 million for paving.
Red Road was one of 51 streets designated by city officials to be paved during the spring of 2012.
Residents of Red Road had to endure a dusty drive this summer because McMinnville Water and Sewer Department made improvements to underground lines prior to paving. What was supposed to be a short-term inconvenience ended up being a long-term headache when street paving was delayed this spring.
However, the city has just completed another round of paving included in the initial $1 million bond issue. A total of 17 streets were paved.
Streets newly paved are Creamery, DeKalb, Edison, Ebonwood, Estridge, Fuller, Henegar, Gay, Bluff, Mauzy, Moffitt and Oak. Also paved were George Huggins Drive, Lagoon Drive, Hillside Lane, Morningside Lane, and Old Morrison Road.