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Recycling to cost county more
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The cost of recycling will be going up in 2016 for Warren County because the cost of gasoline is going down.
“On our oil, they are going to start charging for it,” said Warren County sanitation director Steve Hillis. “I don’t know how much right now. Fuel is down. Gasoline is cheap. When it was high, they were paying us a little money. This year they’re going to start charging. I don’t know what it’s going to be right now, but they will start charging a little bit on that.”
The information was presented during the county Health and Welfare Committee meeting Monday before members Michael Martin, chair, Linda Jones, Teddy Boyd, Tommy Savage and Blaine Wilcher.
According to the yearly report generated by Hillis, in 2015 the county’s Sanitation Department:
• Hauled 90.96 tons to Wast-A-Way at a cost of $3,763
• Hauled 7,790 tons to Southern Central Waste Service at a cost of $331,081
• Recycled 232 tons of metal and received $24,731
• Recycled 5 tons of aluminum cans and received $4,702
• Recycled 163 tons of newsprint and received $4,097
• Recycled 339 tons of cardboard and received $10,167
• Recycled 3 tons of batteries and received $1,117
• Recycled 13 tons of oil and received $171
• Recycled 339 tons of tires at a cost the county and state $33,541
• Recycled 56 tons of electronics
• Recycled 29 tons of mixed plastic
• Collected 18 tons of latex paint
A total of 9,103 tons of items were collected in 2015 and 1,532 tons were recycled, which is about 15 percent.