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Recycle your Christmas tree
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The city of McMinnville is once again offering Christmas tree recycling for evergreen trees.
Some changes have been made.
“We only have one drop-off location this year,” said city landscape manager Hank Patton. “In the past, we have offered up to three locations. There weren’t enough trees donated so we dropped down to one.”
This year’s donation location is McMinnville Civic Center at 500 Garfield Street in the front parking lot. The area is sectioned off with cones.
Trees will not be given to Rock Island State Park to use for mulch and habitat for animals as in years past.
“Park officials say they have what they need,” said Patton. “The trees will still be recycled, but we will use them.”
People making donations are encouraged to remove everything that wasn’t on the tree originally, such as ornaments, tinsel and the tree stand. Trees with spray-on snow cannot be recycled.
Tree drop off will be continue until Jan. 20.