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Recent ice leaves schools with just two snow days
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Two days remain stockpiled after Warren County Schools were closed Monday due to icy morning conditions.
“Given the information I was getting from troopers and deputies, I wasn’t about to put 50 students on a bus and take a chance,” said Director of Schools Bobby Cox on the cancellation of school Monday.
Cox said the first warnings of slick roads came from EMS about 4:30 a.m. when there were reports some roads were getting icy. This led to schools being delayed two hours. The call went out around 6 a.m. to parents.
Then came a call from state troopers warning of slick bridges and overpasses, with the hazardous conditions leading to a wreck that morning.
“One officer said he nearly spun around when he hit a patch,” Cox said. “We even received word the Angels Bridge was getting slick. There was also word from deputies that roads were getting slick in Morrison as the temperatures dropped.”
Cox said by 7:30 a.m. there were enough questions about the safety of the roads it was decided to cancel school.
While erring on the side of caution, the cancellation has left Warren County with only two bad-weather days. A storm system expected to bring snow and icy conditions is predicted to move just south of Warren County on Wednesday. If it were to shift to the north, the final two days could be used up this week.
“Hopefully it won’t come to that,” Cox said. “But then we didn’t expect what we had Monday morning either.”
Cox said safety will always take priority when it comes to having classes. As for how the days would be made up if Warren County uses its last two days, Cox said he and the School Board will have to make that decision when the time comes. He did say, however, they would try to avoid cutting into spring break since many people make advanced plans for vacations.
“We still have Good Friday we could look at, or we could add some days at the end,” said Cox, noting that Presidents Day this Monday would likely not be considered unless schools are closed for more days this week.
The school system has already converted one day to a bad-weather day. Two weeks ago, the School Board canceled late-start Thursdays for the rest of the year to get an extra bad-weather day.
The school year started with nine weather days. That number is generally enough to cover most winters.