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Rankhorn charged for moonshine still, meth
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Authorities busted a moonshine still and a meth lab during the raid of a Parris Street residence last week.
The resident of the house, Michael Lynn Rankhorn, 60, is charged with possession of a still, manufacture of an alcoholic beverage, simple possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and initiating the process to manufacture methamphetamine. He will face hearing before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on April 21.
He was busted after a sheriff’s investigator showed up at the door of his Parris Street home with a search warrant. Law enforcement had uncovered information Rankhorn was illegally producing alcohol inside his house. It didn’t take lawmen long to find the large still.
“There were two plastic barrels with spouts approximately 30 gallons each located in a stand-up shower,” said sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter. “Each barrel contained fermenting corn mash.”
Carpenter also found a cache of supplies Rankhorn was apparently planning to use to make more of his homemade recipe.
“Located in the same room was a five-gallon bucket of sugar and a five-gallon bucket of corn,” Carpenter revealed.
A further search of the house found more supplies and finished liquor.
“There was also a 25-pound bag of sugar in the living room along with about 2.25 gallons of finished liquor,” Carpenter said, noting he also found five pounds of corn in the suspect’s vehicle and then made another discovery in the basement. “Located in the basement was a still in operation.”
During the search, lawmen also reported finding numerous items used in the production of meth and a small amount of marijuana along with glass pipes used to smoke meth.