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Rain figures pour in for July 4 weekend
Louisville, Ky., resident Lisa Jefferies, a waterfall fan, takes a picture of the dam at Pepper Branch Park on Tuesday afternoon.

Just how much did it rain over the Fourth of July weekend?
Give yourself a round of applause if you guessed 3.6 inches. That was the recorded rainfall inside the city limits Friday, Saturday and Sunday, according to McMinnville Water Plant, which keeps official records.
Rain canceled a number of Fourth of July activities, although the downpours didn’t arrive until Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday morning. According to Water Plant figures, there was .27 inches of rain Friday, 1.29 inches Saturday, and 2.04 inches Sunday.
For the seven days of July, total rainfall in the city is 5.17 inches. That’s compared to 4.85 inches for the entire month of June.
When it comes to rainfall, July can be an erratic month. In July 2014, total rainfall was 3.83 inches. We’re already ahead of that now.
However in July 2013, also a time when Fourth of July activities were rained out, there was 9.52 inches of rain in July.
Even with this year’s rain, the city managed to work in its Dr Pepper Fireworks Show on Friday night. Midway had to postpone its fireworks show until Monday night.
As for additional rain, the AccuWeather forecast calls for a chance of thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday.