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Questions still swirl around Omni Drive
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A street no one claims will be back under consideration by McMinnville officials Tuesday night. Omni Drive will be discussed during a Streets and Sanitation Committee meeting at 6:40 p.m.
Omni Drive, a narrow road, located between Three Star Mall and River Park Hospital, has been the source of controversy in recent years as neither the city nor county claims it. As a result, the condition of the road has deteriorated and it contains large potholes.
The street is on private property, was constructed by a developer and is not on either the city or county road list. Both city and county officials have discussed for years what can be done with the street, without coming to a resolution.
“Everyone knows there is a problem and something needs to be done, but no one can figure out what the answer is. I don’t know,” said Warren County Executive John Pelham in 2012.
At the time the statement was made, Pelham had considered the possibility of the county’s Highway Department bringing the street up to standard if the city would agree to take it over once complete. However, the department is prohibited from using its funds on roads not on the official county road list.
Mirroring the county’s stance, the city’s Public Works Department is also prohibited from using Street Aid funds on roads not on the city’s official road list.
“We get calls on it from time to time, but Omni Drive does not show up on our official city road list,” said McMinnville Public Works assistant director Brad Hennessee in 2012.
When private developers build a road with the intention of it being adopted by either the city or county as a public street, it is done to specifications depending on which government will be adopting the street. Omni Drive was never adopted.
Other items under consideration by the committee are “discuss renewal Solid Waste contract with Southern Central Waste Services” and “discuss request from Barnes family.”