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ProMed Ambulance Service could lose permit
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The owners of ProMed Ambulance Service have until noon today to submit $500 to the county or risk losing its permit to base its business here, according to county Safety Committee members.
The application for a permit was accepted Jan. 1. The permit was accepted by county commissioners and will be effective from Feb. 1, 2012 to Jan. 31, 2013. A $500 fee was expected with the application.
Warren County Ambulance Service director Brian Jennings says that payment has not been received, and he has made several attempts to encourage payment.
“I called the regional manager and he told me they were waiting on application approval,” Jennings said to Safety Committee members Monday. “I said the application was approved at our last meeting, pending payment of the fee. All we are lacking is the check.”
Despite reassurance it would be paid, it has not.
“I sent an email, but never received a response,” said Jennings. “I got hold of him by phone. He said he had been sick and it had slipped his mind. He said he would call John (Pelham, county executive) and I gave him the number. I stressed to him this needed to be paid.”
Commissioner Ron Lee made a motion to suspend the permit and let the business reapply in 10 months.
“We have given them enough time,” Lee said. “I make a motion to suspend the permit. They can re-apply Jan. 1. That’s 10 months without a permit.”
The motion garnered support. Commissioner Les Trotman said the rules are clear when it comes to the application fee.
“I would like to make a friendly amendment to your motion,” he said. “I would like to give them until Friday at noon. Next year, this won’t be tolerated.”
Losing its permit would mean the company could no longer have a base in Warren County.
“The permit allows them to base their business here,” said Jennings. “Without it, they will have to close their business and base somewhere else. We don’t want them to leave. Our concern is the business be compliant with all requirements. We have had a good relationship with them for about three years now.”
Committee members voted unanimously to allow a noon deadline today, with Teddy Boyd, Sally Brock, Lee and Trotman voting in favor of the measure.
No payment had been received as of 11 a.m. yesterday.
“I did call to let them know what the committee had decided,” said Jennings. “They said OK, but payment has not been received. I guess we will know by noon Friday if they are staying or going.”