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Project Graduation funds growing
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The Project Graduation annual Spring Nursery Sale enjoyed another successful year with a good crowd of buyers from around the area taking advantage of great bargains.
Warren County High School seniors Michael Barnes, Tyler Glenn and Jordan Thomas provided some of the muscle as they loaded nursery stock for customers.
Glenn said it was an early day for him, but he was glad to help.
“I wanted to help out Project Graduation so we can have a safe graduation night,” Glenn said. “And to be honest, I had nothing else to do on a Saturday.”
Barnes was straightforward about his motives.
“I just need the points really,” Barnes said with a grin. “For the money and prizes at Project Graduation.”
Thomas said the work was right down his alley.
“I just like working in nursery,” Thomas said. “I’ve been working in nursery all my life. My dad used to run trucks for nursery.”
Terry Gallagher, who helped organize the event, said the community has been very supportive.
“It’s been going great,” Gallagher said. “We’ve been selling a lot of plants. There’s a lot of great deals out here and the public’s been great to support us. They come from Murfreesboro, Nashville, just to buy plants.”
Gallagher said the nursery sale benefits Project Graduation, which has been going on for years.
“A group of parents got together and decided they would like to have a place for kids to get together and spend time after graduation,” Gallagher said. “A place they can all come together, have a great time for the entire night. It’s all over at the Civic Center where there’ll be fun and prizes, there’ll be games, there’ll be food. The businesses in the county have been very generous this year, and we’d like to thank them for that. We look forward to having a great time this year.”
Even though nurseries are going through some tough times, Gallagher says it hasn’t put a damper on their generosity.
“Everything here has been donated by local nurseries to support Project Graduation,” Gallagher said.
Project Graduation will be held May 20 beginning at 10:30 p.m.