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Processing building named in honor for former aldermen
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A dedication ceremony was held Wednesday at the city’s biosolids process facility on Cope Street. The facility was named after former aldermen William “Bill” Lively Jr., and Glen Moore Jr.
“We are here to recognize two gentlemen,” said Mayor Jimmy Haley. “I wanted to use that word because they are gentlemen who have served our city well. As aldermen, they were the best. Most people who served with them, some of whom are here today, will attest to that. They were always persistent, always knowledgeable, and always fair and square when they went to vote or make a decision for the city.”
McMinnville officials voted to name the facility the City of McMinnville Lively-Moore Biosolids Process Facility after a motion by Alderman Billy Wood. Haley says it is fitting to name a facility after the men, however, he will not take credit for selecting this type of building.
“As I’ve already told you, I won’t take credit for naming a building that processes poop after two of our honorable aldermen,” said Haley. “You will have to blame that on Alderman Billy Wood. Everyone says he is so full of it that he has to share the glory with somebody else.”
The statement brought a round of laughter.
Wood says Lively and Moore’s initial efforts to encourage the city to build a processing plant put the city ahead of the curve.
“I believe that sooner or later the EPA will mandate that all communities have to process their biosolids,” said Wood. “We already have one at one-tenth of the cost. We are so far ahead of the curve, thanks to your efforts. You have done the citizens a great service.”
The ceremony was attended by friends, family and individuals who worked with both Lively and Moore during their time on the city board.
“I served on the board with them for three years,” said former alderman Gary Griffin. “When he used the term gentlemen, he hit the nail on the head. I worked with two of the most honorable guys I’ve probably ever worked with. Not only were they honorable, they were humble. They didn’t go out and say ‘I did this’ or ‘I did that.’ They just did their job and went on with it. I’m proud of you guys.”
Both Lively and Moore humbly thanked the city for the recognition.
“We do appreciate the honor that has been given to us, but we don’t deserve it any more than anybody else,” said Lively. “There were six aldermen and a mayor and we all had to work together to accomplish what we did. They should be recognized, also.”
Moore stated, “We are very appreciative of this. I’m sure I’m speaking for Bill, too. The whole city and the folks I’ve worked with have been great. In all sincerity, we appreciate this. We planted the idea and a future board moved forward with it.”
Guests were allowed a tour of the facility.