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Problems arise from courthouse power outages
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Evidently, Warren County Courthouse is a scary place to be when the electricity goes out. According to county maintenance supervisor Greg Bowdoin, when the lights go out at the courthouse, it is very dark due to lack of windows.
“The power went off once and you cannot see down the stairwells and in the courtrooms. Everyone must leave the courtroom when the power goes off. It is hard to see to go down the stairs with no lights. It’s also hard to see to get around inside the courtrooms. I’m going to replace the exit signs with signs that have lights on top. It will light up the courtrooms, hallways and stairwells,” said Bowdoin.
Bowdoin informed members of the county’s Building and Grounds Committee he has purchased emergency lights to install in the stairwells. The lights, sometimes called bug eyes, have emergency backup in case of power failure. The lights will go on when the power goes off.
Committee members voted 5-0 to purchase exit lights with emergency backup lights.
Bowdoin also said the upstairs air conditioning unit is worn out at the Health Department.
Commissioner Michael Martin said, “I talked to someone last Friday. He said it is worn out. The women complain it is so hot in there. Up front, there is no air. They are running fans. The best thing we can do is have a Lee Company engineer come here and look at the Health Department and tell us what we need.”
Committee chairman Carl Bouldin said, “My opinion in what needs to be done is the Lee Company or someone else, I don’t care who it is, needs to send an engineer down here and tell us what we need to cool those offices and then we take that and advertise it for bids. An engineer needs to come and tell us what we need to have to cool it.”
Commissioner Dwight O’Neal asked if there were any existing plans that show the layout, square footage and/ or ductwork for the heating and air unit as it now exists at the Health Department. Bowdoin said he will look for such plans.
A motion was made for an engineer to come from a heating and air conditioning company to inspect the Health Department and submit a recommendation for a new unit. The new heating and air unit will be advertised for bids.
A motion was also made for someone to inspect the Health Department for termites and submit a bid.
Commissioners present at the meeting were Bouldin, Clinton “Pee Wee” Hill, Martin, O’Neal and Bessie Smithson.