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Privatizing buses topic of much debate
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There have been meetings aplenty, with more to come, on whether Warren County School’s transportation system will be privatized.After making a surprise proposal to take over the school system buses at the County Commission’s regular meeting Monday night, which received almost unanimous support by a call of hands, the meeting went into recess so it could reconvene Monday night to present a resolution to the full commission for a vote. That resolution would then be presented to the School Board, which could conceivably vote on it at its regular monthly meeting Thursday.In order to draft the resolution, the county has scheduled a special meeting of the Education Committee in the conference room of the County Administration Building this afternoon at 4 p.m., according to County Executive John Pelham.Pelham says he plans to make an effort to meet with Director of Schools Dr. Jerry Hale and county attorney Larry Stanley today to work on the document.“We’re calling the Education Committee meeting to review this resolution before Monday night,” Pelham said. “So the Education Committee has an opportunity to review it and see if there are any changes that need to be made.Pelham has been leery of privatizing the transportation system since he was informed of the possibility late last month.