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Private eye not stealthy enough
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A private eye wasn’t so private recently when he was cited by police after his behavior was reported to authorities by several people in the neighborhood.
The private investigator, Lee Thomas Zadakaus of Murfreesboro, is saying he is not guilty and has requested his case be heard by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. The case is docketed for Oct. 25.
Zadakaus faces a misdemeanor citation for parking on the highway, the ticket issued by  deputy Josh Sparkman when he was called to Willow Way to investigate a suspicious vehicle.
“Dispatch had received four calls about a suspicious vehicle with someone in it,” Sparkman wrote in his citation against the private eye.
Upon arrival, Sparkman said he found a Pontiac Grand Am parked in the roadway. It is illegal to stop a vehicle in the road unless it is for emergency reasons or for engine failure. In addition, the location of the vehicle caused an issue.
“The vehicle was obstructing traffic in a curve,” Sparkman said, noting the private eye was causing a traffic problem in the neighborhood he was visiting as part of his case.
During court Thursday, Zadakaus said he was in fact working on a case there when he was cited. He did not specify what type of case he was investigating.
The violation he is charged with is punishable by fine and would not affect his private investigator’s license.