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Poole stays mum about identity of pizza bandit
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A woman who police believe knows the identity of a bandit who robbed a pizza deliveryman has entered a best interest plea while the mysterious robber remains at-large.
The woman, Jennifer Lynn Poole, 20, entered a best interest plea before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to the charge of being an accessory after the fact. As result of the plea bargain she was placed on probation for two years and must perform 50 hours public service work and make restitution to the victim.
She is charged for making conflicting statements when she was questioned concerning the robbery of a pizza delivery man robbed at an abandoned house located next to where she lived. Investigators say the pizza deliveryman was accosted by a white male wielding a stick. The robber reported told him to hand over his money or he would kill him.
The robber took a small amount of cash and then ran away toward Poole’s residence. The identity of the robber is unknown, although lawmen suspect Poole knows who it is but is either unwilling or afraid to reveal his identity.
Linking Poole to the crime was the revelation that another pizza man had come to the scene earlier the night of the robbery and talked to Poole. During the conversation Poole allegedly told him the person who ordered the pizza was next door “waiting on him” The pizza man left feeling something was not right. It was then that lawmen believe the robber made a second call to order pizza, this time advising the pizza man to deliver the pizza around back of the house.
When questioned, Poole reportedly denied ever seeing a pizza man but later admitted she saw him but denied saying the person who ordered the pizza was waiting for him.