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Policeman injured in chase
police chase
A policeman has been injured while chasing a drug suspect.

A policeman was injured when a drug suspect tried to bolt after a traffic stop.
The suspect, Cody A. Anderson, 18, of Morrison faces charges of resisting arrest and possession of drugs. His passenger, Justin L. Smith, 18, of Liberty is also charged with possession of drugs. The officer, McMinnville Police Lt. Mark Mara is under treatment for an ankle injury he received when he subdued Anderson when he tried to run. The injury is believed to be a sprain. Mara was treated at River Park Hospital immediately following the injury.
The arrests and the injury to the officer came after Highway Patrolman Gary Myers pulled Anderson over after noticing he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Myers said everything was routine and that plans were to simply cite them for not wearing a seatbelt.
“After he was given a citation, he was placed between my car and his,” Trooper Myers said, noting he had separated the teens by having one stand between the cars while he spoke with the other.
After talking to the other teen he returned to where they had been standing and noticed a pill bottle on the ground.
“It was a bottle with two morphine pills and meth inside,” Myers said. “Neither claimed they knew about it.”
However, a check of their cellphones suggested otherwise as the trooper found evidence against both of them.
“Mr. Anderson had sent a text message asking about the bottle,” Myers said, suggesting he had contacted another teen who was in the vehicle about the drugs.
Anderson, who obviously didn’t want to go to jail, decided to make a run for it when he realized he was going to be arrested.
“When I tried to place the handcuffs on Mr. Anderson, he broke free and ran from the scene,” said McMinnville Police Officer Austin Wortman who was assisting in the arrest.
Anderson was caught moments later when he was grabbed by Lt. Mara. However, in making the grab Mara suffered the injury to his ankle and had to be transported to River Park Hospital for treatment.