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Police search for clues about bizarre accident
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An elderly man could lose a leg following a traffic accident in which he said the other driver yelled at him and then fled the scene, leaving him on the road with a badly broken leg.The victim, Fred L. Hoover Jr., 79, was able to drive himself to River Park Hospital on Friday night despite having a compound fracture of his left leg.“It looked like a crime scene when we looked inside his truck with blood everywhere,” said the victim’s son, Freddie Hoover. “They are going to be doing surgery on his leg, which they say is in bad shape, and they may end up having to amputate.”According to the victim’s son, from what he has been able to learn from his dad, the injury happened after a minor traffic accident around 6:30 p.m. Friday on Morrison Street near the bridge construction not far from the old Ben Lomand Drive-in Theater.The victim said his 2007 GMC pickup bumped a vehicle which was stopped in front of his waiting on the traffic light to allow them to cross the bridge.“He said a young guy, probably in his late 20s and clean cut, got out of the truck he had bumped and went belligerent on him,” Hoover said, noting the only description his father could recall about the truck was that it was junky looking and apparently contained a passenger who was either the man’s girlfriend or wife.Hoover said his father was getting out of his vehicle but in the excitement must have put the car in reverse instead of park. The truck door then knocked him down as he got out, the wheels running over and crushing his leg.