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Phone scam uses jury duty
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A scam using the jury system as a means to scare prospective victims is making its rounds and, in at least one case, has actually been tried on a current juror.
“I got a call from a woman who was beside herself, telling me someone had called saying she had missed jury duty,” said Circuit Court Clerk Bernie Morris. “The phone call gave her the option of pushing one button to pay a $500 fine, or another button to serve 30 days in jail.”
Morris said when she found out the woman was actually a juror, she passed the case on to the district attorney’s office since such incidents could constitute the crime of jury tampering.
“We will never call and tell a juror they have to pay a fine or go to jail,” Morris said. “We send out notifications of jury service.”
Morris said she believes whoever is making the calls is trying to scam money and is not actually going off any jury list, but is instead calling people at random. Morris said her office has received several calls from people who have gotten similar calls, but so far she is yet to find anyone who has fallen for the con.
“The lady I talked to hung up on the call,” Morris said. “So we don’t know how far the message will try to take people, but I would suspect they would ask for credit card information.”
Morris said she doubts the caller is operating off the actual jury list, although a copy of the list hangs on the clerk’s office wall with names of jurors and their address, minus phone numbers.
“I’m required to display the jury list, but it stays in my office on the wall and does not have phone numbers,” Morris said, noting it hangs near the private attorney entrance to the office. “I also understand calls have been received in other counties so I think this is a more widespread thing.”
Anyone receiving such calls should not respond and should report the incident to the circuit clerk or district attorney’s office.