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Pets escaping Animal Control
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Two animals have escaped from Warren County Animal Control prompting the need for a fence to be placed around its perimeter.
According to Warren County Animal Control director Kim Pettrey during a Health and Welfare Committee meeting, the facility had one dog and one cat escape last month and neither were recovered.
The problem that led to the dog’s escape, she says, is with the outside kennel doors swinging out when opened which allows the animals an easier time escaping before the employee can shut the door.
“The way the kennel doors are made, you just can’t help but have one get out occasionally,” said Pettrey. “Most of the animals will stay there, but sometimes one will head straight to the road or high tail it away from there. You can’t catch them. The kennel doors all open out. So, it’s hard to get in and out without a dog coming with you.”
The cat got into the ceiling and found its way out of the building.
“My ceiling is falling in everywhere,” said Pettrey. “The cats can hear mice in the ceiling of the building, so they dug a hole and jumped up in the ceiling. They are chasing mice around. The Styrofoam ceiling is falling down everywhere. It’s a mess.”
As well as the safety of the animals, the situation is a legal cause for concern. Pettrey says an escaping animal could cause a motor vehicle accident, so she would like to put a fence around the facil-ity to contain any animals that get out of the building.
“If an animal gets to the highway and causes an accident, we are going to be in big trouble,” said Pettrey. “I would like to use whatever’s left in my budget this year to place a fence around the building, a perimeter fence around it. That way, if one gets out, it’s contained in the fence.”
Commissioner Teddy Boyd suggested the latches on the kennel doors be moved to the inside, while Pettrey said she already considered that and was told it could not be done because of the way the doors are made.
The exterior kennels are along both sides of the facility. A fence would enclose both sides and the rear of the building, leaving the parking area open.
Commissioner Blaine Wilcher suggested placing a fence around each side and not around the back of the building as a way to cut costs.
Pettrey added, “That would mess up my water hose. I only have one exterior faucet and it’s at the back of the building. If we place a fence around both sides, that will make it difficult to use the fau-cet. If we fence it like that, we would need a faucet on each side of the building.”
Committee members gave Pettrey permission to get estimates on placing a fence and bringing that information back to committee.