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Pets continue to disappear
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An unusual number of animals are disappearing from Warren County neighborhoods. The situation has been going on for more than a year.
“We’re still getting quite a few calls from residents about missing animals,” said Warren County Animal Control officer Tammy Webb. “Someone must be picking them up because a large percentage of them are never seen again.”
Along with vanishing without a trace, there is another similarity among the animals that lends credence to the animals being taken rather than just getting lost — breeding.
“They are all nicer breeds of animals,” said Webb. “Since Monday, we’ve taken reports on a missing Yorkie, Boxer, Rottweiller and two Siamese cats. Each of those were in the Rock Island area.”
Animal control officers at both city and county facilities first noticed the increase of specific breeds disappearing throughout Warren County more than a year ago.
“The problem shows no signs of decreasing,” said Webb. “I think most people think their dog wouldn’t go to a stranger, but they will. Most dogs will come to you when called. It is in their nature.”
Webb says she listens to heartbreaking stories every week that have a similar component of “He wanders, but he’s never been gone this long,” or “I always let her out, but she comes back.” She then adds the animal’s information to her list of missing pets and encourages owners to leash them.
“First, it’s against the law to allow your dog to roam loose,” she said. “Please, treat your pet like you do your children. Don’t allow them out alone.”
To report a missing dog, call the city’s animal control at 473-2553 or the county’s at 507-3647.