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Pelham praises commissioners for harmonious meeting
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The full Warren County Commission meeting went off without a hitch Monday night. Commissioners agreed to pass all the budget amendments and resolutions unanimously with 20 commissioners in attendance.
County Executive John Pelham said following the meeting, “I would like to publicly commend our county commission each and every one of you for the hard work. I would like the citizens of the county to understand that a meeting like we have had tonight that has gone this smooth and with the unity, if you will, on all the votes we have had tonight ... this does not happen without a lot of hard work behind the scenes, without committee meetings that are open to everyone. We encourage people to attend our committee meetings. The discussion, the study and due diligence that is put into these issues during these committee meetings allows us to come together at county court and have the votes that we have had tonight. This is not necessarily as easy as it may look. I commend our commissioners for that.”
Commissioners passed:
• A resolution to adopt a continuing budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1.
 A continuing budget is approved annually to enable the county to continue with necessary business in the time frame between expiration of the previous fiscal year budget and approval of the subsequent fiscal year budget.
• Approved 2011 tax aggregate.
The 2011 tax aggregate was prepared and submitted by Trustee Darlene Bryant.
Bryant had $12,747,540 as the total collected in property taxes. A total of $308,837 in taxes were unpaid.
• Budget Amendment No. GF-2012-6 amended the jail budget.
The total increase in estimated revenues is $171,625 with prisoner boarding taking up $150,000 of that increase. The estimated expenditures are $171,760 with $75,000 going to medical and dental services and $75,000 going to food supplies.
• Budget Amendment No. AF-2012-1 amended the Ambulance Service budget.
Amendments to the Ambulance Service fund budget for fiscal year 2012-13 show an increase in estimated revenues and other sources of $44,000. The majority of that, $30,000 was listed as patient charges.
The total increase in estimated expenditures is $44,000 with $20,000 going to ambulance/ emergency medical services, $5,000 to state retirement, $2,000 to medical insurance and $17,000 to workman’s compensation insurance.
• Budget Amendment GF-2012-7 amended the General Fund budget for the jail for fiscal year 2012-13 to reflect an $150,000 increase.
• Resolution No. 10-2013 to accept the Warren County School System Federal Programs budget as presented by appropriate federal agencies without requiring approval of the legislative body of Warren County brought the only question of the evening.
Commissioner Wayne Copeland said, “Can you explain this? What are we voting on.”
County finance director Linda Hillis said, “These are federal funds primarily that come to the school system. They are audited by the federal government and they are audited by the state. So the comptroller’s office does not require us to run it through our budget.”
• Resolution 11-2013 authorizes Pelham to sign a grant application on behalf of the county’s Three Star level.
The county because of its Three Star level qualifies for a $15,000 grant which will go toward various programs in the county.
Commissioners absent were Joel Akers, Gary Prater, Blaine Wilcher and Melissa Yancy.